BMW S1000RR Paint Protection Kit

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Your motorcycle portrays your self-image; it isn’t just a way of getting around. A shiny motorcycle makes you feel proud of its ownership, whereas a motorcycle of poor appearance lowers your self-confidence and makes your rides stressful and uncomfortable..
Without paint protection, your motorcycle will lose its shiny appearance and resale value. Sunlight, bird droppings, scratches, harsh cleaners, gasoline, tree sap, etc… all can be very damaging to your motorcycle’s appearance and can quickly take away its glossy finish.
Paint protection for motorcycles acts as a shield of protection to preserve your motorcycle’s paint. Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a clear and thick thermoplastic urethane film which is used to protect your motorcycle’s original paint job from scratches, rock chips and contaminants.
PPF can be applied to your entire motorcycle; however it’s mostly applied on painted surfaces, headlights.

Benefits of paint protection film for new motorcycles
1. Keeps your motorcycle looking new and shiny
2. Increases resale value by keeping paint like new
3. Makes motorcycle cleaning easier
4. Prevents scratching and chipping the paint
5. Prevents the inevitable rusting of the metal due to the chips
6. Prevents from initial chemical reactions that eat at the paint
7. Invisible protection for your motorcycle
8. Easily replaceable when the first one gets beat up


This is a precision cut kit including multiple pre-cut pieces that fit your bike's fairings well.